Car Visor CD Holder

Make your own Car Visor CD Holder. Really, it's very easy!

Car Visor CD Holder

What you need

3 pieces of fabric the length and width of your visor (for me it was 14.5" x 5.5")
Two pieces of elastic or Velcro the width of the visor so you can attach it.
Lengths of ribbon for each slit you cut (optional)


1. Ok….so take a CD and trace it onto the wrong side of a piece of fabric the amount of times equal to how many slits you would like. (so if you want to fit 10 CD’s, you make 10 slits)

2. Sew the lengths of ribbon along the slits with a straight stitch. It doesn’t matter what side of the slit you put it on really. I put mine all on the “bottom” of the slits.

3. Place your fabric in this order:

Bottom: Untouched pre-cut piece of fabric.

RIGHT SIDE UP Next: Add the two pieces of elastic or Velcro or whatnot placing them so they don’t interfere with the hinges on your visor.

Then: Place the piece of fabric with the slits

RIGHT SIDE DOWN Last: Place the last untouched pre-cut piece of fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN.

4. Sew all around the long edges and one short edge.

5. Flip it inside out and sew shut the last short edge.

6. Hang attractively in your car!

This project was contributed by Mhairi


  1. Really need step by step photo’s to go along with the instructions. Thanks.

  2. How about I revise em: 1-cut two pieces of fabric the size of ur visor.2-Cut 10 squares of fabric the size of a CD. 3-sew one edge of square w/ribbon. 3-arrange all squares on the visor-sized fabric n sew 3 edges of the sqre leaving ribbon-edge unsew…

  3. Good project but direction are a bit unclear. Thanks for the idea.

  4. The instructions need revising. A new sewer would not figure it out very easily at all. Good pattern though. Someone please edit this pattern.

  5. Good idea but the directions are confusing and unclear.

  6. The insructions are not clear at all 🙁

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