Candy Corn Cards

Your guests will really be in the mood for Halloween when they see these fun party invitations.

Candy Corn Cards

What you need

Candy Corns
Black card Stock
Black Envelopes
Hot glue or white glue


To get started making your Halloween party invitations you will need to decide on one or two designs. As you can see from the photos, the possibilities are endless!

You may want to buy some extra candy corn, I know much of this yummy candy will end up being eaten and only a little on the party invitation ideas.

Now, the next step is to buy some nice sturdy heavy weight black card stock. I find this all the time at my local craft store.

You will want to buy card stock in a larger size, like the traditional 8.5 inches by 11 inches. You will be folding this in half, so you will be cutting your surface area in half.

Now have the kids lay out their Halloween pattern or words on the table with the candy corn. This wills also them to see how large their design will be.

Hold the black folded card stock over the design to make sure it will fit.

Tip: To make this party invitation lay flat use an exacto knife to lightly score the inside of the fold of the card. Do not cut all the way through. This will allow for a more professional fold on the party invitations.

Now, you can sue a hot glue gun or simple Elmer’s white glue to adhere the candy corn to the Halloween party invitations.

White glue will need time to allow for drying. Hot glue may only be a good idea for older kids and tweens.

Now, while the Halloween party invitations are drying you can address the envelopes. To keep the theme going you should use black envelopes. Try addressing the cards with a fine tip Orange paint pen!

Seal the envelope with a candy corn sticker!

This same paint pen can be used inside the card to write the who, where, what, and RSVP additions to the Halloween party invitations. These simple party invitations also make great name cards at a dinner table or even a sign or decoration at your actual Halloween party.

You could have the kids make one letter on each card stock of the words “Happy Halloween.” Tie the letters together to make a yummy and edible sign to welcome your party guests!

Image Source: Attribution Some rights reserved by Juushika Redgrave.


  1. i wouldnt do this but its a good idea for some people.

  2. I have never ever heard of candy corns before…. I don’t think they have them here in england

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