Calming Ironing Water

This scented water will not only calm you while you are ironing but leave your clothes smelling wonderful too.

Calming Ironing Water

What you need

300ml (10fl oz)of purified water
25ml (1 fl oz) of Vodka 90% proof
15 drops of Rose Oil
Glass storage jars
Spray bottle


Ideal for evening wear especially romantic occasions.

Add the oil to the vodka and allow to stand for 24 hours.

Add the water to the oil and mix together and store in a airtight jar.

When ready to use pour some into the spray bottle, give it a little shake and begin ironing.


  1. I sub white vinegar for the vodka. It’s great for stubborn wrinkles and is germicidal. The vinegar odor it doesn’t linger. You can even use this same solution as a room/linen freshener.
    My basic recipe: 75% purified water, 25% white vinigar and my eo’s–I don’t measure but it doesn’t take much (use only eo’s that are clear–some are not). Between the vinegar and the eo’s (most have some anti-bacterial quality, lavender especially) the liquid doesn’t get funky. I make up my spray in small quantities–8 oz’s or so because I like to change scents often. I leave it in the laundry room and have never had a problem with it going bad.
    IMPORTANT: Shake it up really well before you spray another section.

  2. Is it possible to do this without the vodka or any other alcoholic ingredient?

  3. this is a reallyy nice project

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