Broken Glass Sun Catchers

Make your own suncatcher using broken glass or mirror.

Broken Glass Sun Catchers

What you need

Broken Glass or Mirror
Fishing line Or Ribbon
Tin Can Top
Fabric Paint
Small nail and a hammer


Glue two pieces of broken mirror or glass back to back with either fishing line or ribbon in between.

Punch small holes with the hammer and nail into the tin can top.

Run the fishing line through the holes and tie. Add as many as you like in various lengths.

Decorate around the edges with the fabric paint. This will seal off any sharp edges. You can use a close pin to hold the piece until it dries.


  1. I’m always looking for new ideas on reusing or repurposing stuff and I love this idea! I’m in the process of creating windchimes and playing around with ideas in my head. I want to suggest something to people who are afraid of getting cut by the glass edges. There is a product called foil tape that hvac guys use. You can get it at a hardware store. It’s a silver, foil tape that is only sticky when you peel off the backing. So, you can cut off what you need, peel the back off and stick it around the edges of your glass project. This is what home-crafted jewelers use instead of soldering. I love your ideas and than you so much for sharing your knowledge!! 🙂

  2. Great idea for the broken mirror I now have! Can’t wait to add some of the ideas from below, such as colored bead, sea glass, etc. You can safely grind the sharp edges down to eliminate them.

  3. Use sea glass that is found along the beach! It isn’t sharp. Definately recycling!!

  4. I LOVE this idea! My wire beading cells kicked in too and I can see this with wire wrapped mirror pieces and wire wrapped beads or marbles tied into the fishing line too. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!!!

  5. I read some of the comments and Iwas @ a craft fair and this woman was using broken glass pieces and made picture frames. I couldn’t even tell what it was at first. The broken glass art was the most beautiful piece I have ever seen.
    And to the lady that is worried about getting hurt and what would she do, she also can get burned pretty bad with her hot glue gun
    keep up the great work

  6. 🙂

  7. that is a cool idea .

  8. This will be really pretty once I get around to it!

  9. That is an awesome idea! Thanks!
    Kelley Ferguson

  10. Even if it is dangerous, but you’ve got to admit it. It IS very pretty (as long as you are wearing thick gloves and safety goggles) 🙂

  11. good but it has to be with some “color” on it, otherwise useless

  12. Broken glass is an excellent idea! Take away the danger: *Use Silicone sealer or *Lead light, to border the sharp edges. Imagine the different angles of reflection when the wind blows it!

  13. This is potentially a dangerous idea and some craft ideas look like you are crafting for the sake of crafting.

  14. what if u get hurt………………bad idea 🙁

  15. Broken glass is a bad idea! Try selling that at a fair & imagine a child or adult grabbing it & getting cut up. Big problem!9615

  16. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Using safety googles wrap the glass up in a cloth and gently tap it with a hammer until it breaks. Make sure you are wearing some thick work gloves.


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