Breast Feeding Reminder Pin

Breast Feeding Reminder Pin

What you need

Safety Pins
Assorted Beads
Plastic Dummy


My friend was complaining about forgetting which was side was due for the next feed when breastfeeding. So I decided to make a little pin for her to wear.

I found the dummy trinkets at my craft store, but you could easily find flat back trinkets from scrapbooking shops which would work just as well.

Just thread the beads onto the pin, or for larger pins, thread the beads onto smaller safety pins and then thread those onto the larger pin. Take a look at the different examples below.

These would make great gifts for new mums and could be pinned onto a handmade baby card.

Note: You can add whatever trinkets you can get your hands on. Please do not e-mail me asking me why there is a bottle if it is for breastfeeding.

It is a reminder pin of which side to use next when breastfeeding. The pin itself does not represent breastfeeding.

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  1. Michael”s craft store has a bunch charms like #1 mom and duckie, i picked up a packet for the fertility bracelets and they be cute, i’ll make one these once get baby on way (been trying a year now :( )

  2. I love it!!! I will make this pin for my sister!!

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