Bon Bon Soaps

This handmade bon-bon soaps make great gifts for Christmas time.

Bon Bon Soaps

What you need

13.6 oz melt and pour ultra clear base soap
8 pc. rubber bon bon tray
1 c glass measure
Liquid soap gel colourants: green, red, orange, yellow
Fragrance oils: lime, strawberry, tangerine, lemon
4 stir sticks (chopsticks work great!)


Using dull soap knife cut soap base into 1-inch cubes.

Divide into 4 piles of 3.2 oz.

Put 3.2 oz of soap cubes into glass measuring cup. Melt in micro-wave in 10-12 second intervals until thoroughly dissolved (do not boil).

Add 3-5 drops green colourant (until desired color is reached), then add 1/8-1/2 tsp. lime fragrance oil; mix well.

Pour into 2 of the bon-bon cups. Repeat above step with corresponding colors and scents, i.e., red for strawberry , ect…

Allow to completely harden/cool and then simply pop out of mold.

This recipe will yield 2 sets of retro-“Dot” soap candies of green, red, orange and yellow. Super cute and fun to use!

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