Body Scrub – Lemon & Honey

This scrub makes your body soft and sweet smelling!

Body Scrub – Lemon & Honey

What you need

6 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
5 drops of lemon juice


First mix sugar and salt well.

Then add lemon juice and honey to get a thick paste.

Whoa! You are ready to go.

You can use this scrub all over your body.

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  1. Wow! super easy and nourishing!! :)

  2. sacredevil says:

    u can measure d honey by testing the scrub to be thick enough and not be droolin…..the qauntity also varies from variety to variety…

  3. Katelyn1986 says:

    About how much honey do you need?

  4. sacredevil says:

    it will lat for about 10-12 days in a fridge..

  5. crafty_cat says:

    how long does this last for?

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