Birthday Card Candle

For this project you will need a store bought candle or one you have made your own to apply the card decal to.

Birthday Card Candle

What you need

Recycled Christmas/Birthday Cards
Melted Wax
Store Bought Candle
Paint brush


Start by cutting out your design from the recycled Christmas or Birthday card and placing it onto you candle.

Melt some wax down and paint over the top of the card decal to adhere it to the candle. Concentrate on the edges to insure it sticks it down. Allow it to cool

Remember with embellished candles like these they should never be left unattended.


  1. i had a bad experience burning a candle like this. i have made and kept as ornament candles for the idea.i have lots so i’m going to gift them..

  2. I’m totally going to try this!!!

  3. this is very good!!
    inexpensive but adorable!! love it!!

  4. cute idea great way 2 get rid of all your old cards, i’ll have 2 try it

  5. i was wondering what to do with my old x-mas cards! wonderful idea

  6. A great and easy way to personalize a pillar candle. Bet one with an Easter theme would be great, too.

  7. My kids and I enjoyed it…but it didn’t turn out like the candle on the picture

  8. MissTigerStar says:

    A Great idea

  9. What a great recycling idea.

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