Bellybutton Lint Collecters

This one might just come under the silly category but when you actually think about it, it is quite practical! How else would you clean the lint in your bellybutton?

Bellybutton Lint Collecters

What you need

2" pipe cleaner
Perler beads


Great gag gift for a loved one and so simple to make!

Bend the pipe cleaner in half.


Hold the ends and poke pinkie finger through middle to form a loop.


Add 3 Perler beads to the end.

And you’re done!

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  1. What a fab little cute idea :) love it.

  2. ahahaha, I love this idea! this is gonna be my homemade christmas gift idea! ;D

  3. Hope no one suffers from Omphalophobia – fear of bellybuttons!

  4. Can we get a video demo on how to use this tool? LOL!

  5. This is such a cool joke gift. I gave these out at Christmas last year and those who enjoyed humor enjoyed them.
    You have a new twist on yours and it is very nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. this is cool but i have never had lint in my whole life before.
    not surprising since im 10

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