Bees Wax Tapered Candle

Make this bees wax tapered candle which are very easy to make and are finished in a few minutes - ready to burn!

Bees Wax Tapered Candle

What you need

Bees Wax SheetingScissorsCandle Wick


The candle wick we are using is a medium thickness suitable for our candle dimensions. Sheet wax works best when you are in a warm environment or the sheeting may crack.

1: Cut your wax on a diagonal to get a tapered effect, this piece is half way across our sheet and around 2 inches in from one side. Using your Scissors cut along the edge. You can vary your measurements just take note of them if you wish to make more than one candle the same size.

2: Next start by cutting you candle wick to length. It needs to sit flush at the bottom and over hang around 1 inch at the top of the candle , remember you can always trim the length later. You are rolling your candle from the largest/widest end to the smallest so the wick goes at the biggest end.

3: Press the wax tightly around the wick, this insure that your candle will burn correctly by providing it with an even source of wax for fuel.

4: Applying a firm pressure roll the candle up, making sure to keep your bottom edge even so that it will stand up.

If you make a mistake just unwrap it and start again.

5: Once you get to the end of your candle press the end firmly into the candle to stop it unrolling.

Its now ready to burn. You can embellish your candles with ribbons, raffia and even cut out shaped of different colored bees wax.


  1. you can roll them in glitter after too

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