Bees Wax Birthday Candles

For this project we are using beeswax sheets, which come in a variety of colors.

Bees Wax Birthday Candles

What you need

Bees Wax sheeting
Small wicking


The candle wick we are using is a small thickness suitable for our candle dimensions. Sheet wax works best when you are in a warm environment or the sheeting may crack.

You can use offcuts and scraps for these birthday candles as they only require a 2 inch by 2 inch square of sheet wax for each candle.

1: Start by cutting you candle wick to length. It needs to sit flush at the bottom and over hang around 1/4 inch at the top of the candle , remember you can always trim the length later.

2: Press the wax tightly around the wick, this insure that your candle will burn correctly by providing it with an even source of wax for fuel.

3: applying a firm pressure roll the candle up, making sure to keep your bottom edge even so that it will stand up. If you make a mistake just unwrap it and start again.

4: Once you get to the end of your candle press the end firmly into the candle to stop it unrolling.

Its now ready to burn. You can embellish your candles with ribbons, raffia and even cut out shaped of different colored bees wax or why not try using half one color and half another color for a rainbow effect.


  1. ByLightOfMoon says:

    Where do you get Beeswax Sheet molds?
    Smiles, Cyndi

  2. you could even use string instead of wick

  3. trust me, making and selling beeswax candles is a really good business just recently i read about these 2 girls who made millions! and they donated it ALL to charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love it, can youput morecute design

  5. soo kewl!! u dont have 2 use them just for birthdays though. theyre great around the house!!

  6. Awesom

  7. these site is kool

  8. Think of how much money you can save all in all on b-day candles just by making these! You can make them one of a kind while using up left over wax!

  9. The video Is wonderfull and I like this idea and how ever whats to try it just remerber becareful if you are working with 3 years old they can cut them selfs. By the way thanks for this cool project.It is one of the best projects that I will make.Thanks

  10. Brilliantest thing in the whole wide world, not. But it was a very good result, and i LIKE it!!
    I suggest trying to make this at home.

  11. they absolutely ROCK!!!!!!!!! my favorite birthday candles by far!

  12. just good

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