Bath Salt – Sherbet Delight

Learn to make a sherbet delight flavored bath salt in this simple recipe.

Bath Salt – Sherbet Delight

What you need

1 cup Epsom salts
4-5 drops of food coloring
3 tbs of sherbet or powdered candy


Just add all the ingredients together and mix well.

Make sure the food color, blends in to the salt or it wont look very inviting. You can do this by tossing the salt over and over again.

Add dried rose petals, or lavender sprigs for a natural presentation.


  1. It’s really annoying when you comment and no one gets back to you in your question.

  2. Will it be sticky? I will give it 5 stars because it’s a great idea but I wanna know how good it works

  3. I feel dumb asking this but why would you put real sherbert in it?

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