Balloon Candle

Yes, sounds bizarre, but these are a great idea and a very creative way to create candles that have a wonderful texture!

Balloon Candle

What you need


Paraffin or Candle wax

Optional candle dye


Take a balloon and fill it with water and secure the top.

Melt down your paraffin or candle wax then allow it to cool as much as you can before it begins to set. The wax should be a very low temperature.

Next dip your water filled balloon into the melted wax and pull it out. Allow this thin layer to harden. You can dip it into a water bath to set the wax. Re-submerge the balloon into the wax again, keep doing this till you have a thick layer of wax ,around 1 cm.

Now pop the balloon and remove it from the candle shell. Using the same low temperature pour a small amount of wax into the candle shell and roll it around till it covers the edges. Allow it to cool.

You may want to make this inner layer a different color for a rainbow effect.

Keep repeating the last step (using different colors if desired for each layer) Until the candle is just about full.
In the Last pour put the wick into the center and pour the last layer of wax in until the wick is held firm.

Using a flat hot plate melt a flat bottom onto the candle to help the rounded bottom sit straight on a table.

You can also use this project to make a hurricane candle. Simply do not fill the candle after removing the balloon. Let it set and place a small votive candle inside it.
You can also sculpt the edges of this hurricane while the wax is still soft for a window effect.

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  1. i tried this and it worked well! :) although when i popped it the balloon stuck to the candle!

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