Baby Food Jar – Chaat Masala Nuts

This recycled gift in a jar project shows you how to make a yummy scrumptious Chaat masala peanut mix for a Baby Food Jar.

Baby Food Jar – Chaat Masala Nuts

What you need

Baby Food Jar
Handmade Label
Salted Peanuts
1 tps Chaat masala Spice


Take your recycled baby food jar and sterilize it by cleaning it with boiling water. Remove any labels and allow to dry.

In a large bowl, take enough peanuts to fill your baby food jar (depends on your jar brand).

Toss through enough spice to coat the peanuts. Around 1 tsp worth for an average baby food sized jar.

Then pour into your recycled jar and finish off with a nice handmade label.

(Chaat masala can be bought from Indian food supply stores).

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  1. This is so cute!! I am also looking for a template for the label Could you please send me the template. I am trying to do favors for my son’s christening coming up.Thank you!!

  2. Hi. I loved the idea. how did you do the label? I’m trying to find some likewise, a template, but I have no sucess. I’ll do my kid’s favor party, putting some jelly inside.
    could you send me a template pleeeease?
    thanks a lot

  3. i think it is a cuteeeeeeeeeee

  4. great idea imma do it :):)

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