Baby Boa & Cuff

This is a project you can do in an evening and still be able to go out afterwards to show off your work.

Baby Boa & Cuff

What you need

#10.5 knitting needles
Less than 1 skein of Starry night in color of choice
.24" silk ribbon in color of choice (purchased at local craft store)


Starry Night is a furry yarn with sparkle. What girl wouldn’t want to feel sexy and fabulous at the same time? I think you’ll be surprised how warm these little guys can be as well. It’s like wearing a scarf without any excess to deal with. I think that means these are practical to boot. Make some for your grandma and see what she thinks.

It’s a little hard to tell since you can’t see the stitches. 10 stitches is about 2.25″ on #10.5 needles

Stitches used:

Garter Stitch

Pattern written for choker with directions for wrist cuffs in parenthesis ().

CO 10 (10) st

Row 1: K

Row 2: K1, *YO, K2tog* to last st, K1

Row 3: K

Repeat Row 3 for 11″ (5.5″)

Repeat row 2

Next row: K

BO and weave in ends


Cut a couple feet of ribbon and lace through YO holes at either end of choker and wrist cuffs. Trim as needed. I found that I did not need to tie and untie cuffs since I could fit it, fastened, over my hand, but the choker needs to be laced and unlaced to be put on, so keep that in mind when trimming ends.

This pattern was submitted by Marnie MacLean and cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent.
Patterns may be used for non-commercial purposes only. 
Copyright Marnie MacLean 2004

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