4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Pin

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4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Pin

What you need

Pony Beads: red, white and blue
Two chenille stems
Hair pin


This 4th of July patriotic pin is a great festive holiday craft.

Thread approximately 27 pony beads on a chenille stem, in a red, white, and blue sequence.  (There is no right or wrong number of beads.  Place beads on the stem, but leave enough room at each end to be able to twist it to hold the circle together.)

Begin to form into a tight circle, and twist the end of the stem between two beads to hold the coil together.  See the arrow in photo 2.

Coil the entire length into a circle, and twist between two beads to hold the circle together.  See the arrow in photo 3.

Twist the same end of the stem around the top of a hair pin.  See photo 4.

Cut another 1 inch piece of chenille stem, and twist it around one side of the hair pin  to hold the circle of beads on the hair pin.  See the arrow in photo 5.

Photo 6 shows the finished hair pin!



Submitted by M.E Harrington


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